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The Last Month

I can’t even begin to describe this last month but I think it might be easier to bullet point. 

1) I made a spreadsheet of awesome bars and pubs and clubs and almost made it to every single one. I think by the end of this trip I will have gone to around 50 places. 

2) I saw Avicii, incredible, and John Butler, even more amazing. 

3) I spent weeks in the warehouse at The Iconic and had a great time – finished my internship and got a great new addition to my resume. 

4) Read some books for school…

5) Hiked in the Royal National Park

6) Spent more beautiful days on Manly and other beaches

7) Went to the Glebe Markets 

8) Went to Pyrmont and drank coffee and biscuits on the Harbor

9) Ate everything and anything in sight (15 study abroad pounds)

10) Loved every second of my life and bonded with people. 

Thus comes the end of my blog. I didn’t update HALF as much as I wanted to but the memories I have made….there are no words. The best semester of my life. 


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