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One Month Left

It is here. Well, it was yesterday but, the one month marker has come and gone and with it brings the sense of urgency — the need to see everything I haven’t, to go out every night to a new pub/bar/club/sight, to make sure my tan doesn’t fade, to enjoy the sun, to enjoy Sydney and everything that she encompasses.

Leaving Sydney, or the anticipation of leaving Sydney, is one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had. I’m so excited for iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, munch on a crunchy scooped tuna bagel from John’s, to see my family & friends (of couse, coffee and bagels come first), and just be in America, just be where I’m from and not some sort of outsider.

But for right now, it isn’t about the future, it is about the next 30 days and living like there is no tomorrow.

This past weekend I got to enjoy a beautiful weekend in the Blue Mountains. I always proclaim myself as a city girl, I love NYC, Boston, Sydney, etc but I do fall weak in the knees for a great small town.

A quaint small town (almost) ALWAYS contains:

1. Homemade Fudge: We tasted (and I bought) the most interested passion fruit fudge. It is an explosion in your mouth and absolutely nothing like fudge but has the great consistency of it. It is delicious.

2. Cafes & Bakeries: The Hominy. The first day I went two hours early and found The Hominy whilst my wandering that was written on a blog about the Blue Mountains. I had an Apple/Pear Cake with Lemon Icing. It was out of this world. I ended up going back, having another one, and buying a loaf of fresh, organic, no yeast added sourdough and that is also delicious.

3. Beautiful Hikes: Kayleigh, Sydney, Kelsey, Leah and I took an adventure (trek)  through the Blue Mountains. It had to be about 2.5km, and thousands and thousands and thousands of stairs. It was stairs for days. We saw the Leura Cascades, Bridal Veil Waterfall, and tons of amazing fews of the Blue Mountains. We went deep down into the valley and walked the stairs all the way back and caught the bus to Leura.

4. Skyrails: We got the opportunity to do all the rides at “Scenic World” this included a ride down the mountain at the steepest angle in the world, a cablecar trip up the mountain and a skyrail over a beautiful waterfall. Gorgeous views.

5. Good people: All of these trips I’ve gone on outside of Sydney have been with such amazing people. It has been such a great experience. Have to highlight this girl Kayleigh….she has a god darn BROKEN FOOT and does the whole walk. She hardly complains, she steps in mud, she climbs just as many stairs and never asks for help. The girl is a SAINT. And seriously, one of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and bonding with in Sydney.

This upcoming Easter weekend is going to be a big one, what with Avicii & Marquee on Saturday and maybe surfing Friday and just a lot of fun!

P.S. I saw the Three Sisters! Pretty cool..

Cheers mates!



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