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The Iconic, Real Irishmen, and Temptation

I am alive while I haven’t blogged in way too long. I hope many of my “readers” (hi family) can see the video but if not I’m still working on a way to make it work! Spring Break was beyond amazing, I honestly can’t explain it in words. The video does wonders but still doesn’t capture some of the immense beauty. Especially the Daintree Rainforest. While I’m not sure if I would visit Cairns again because it resembles a trashy Florida town — I’d spent a week at Cape Tribulation or the Daintree Rainforest or Port Douglas in a second. We had the most magical time there, it felt like we were really on some sort of crazy vacation in the middle of nowhere.

But besides that, right before we left finals ended. I did well in my wine class which I didn’t even expect. Time to add some good grades to my GPA! Thanks study abroad. Now I’m in a literature class. It feels so good to be back in a class that was my original major with a teacher that doesn’t hate my guts (or hopefully my writing style) as opposed to the not very nice man at Boston University. I can’t wait to read and discuss all sorts of books. It is also a free trip to the Blue Mountains where I haven’t gone yet so…very exciting 🙂 I wish I could go canyoning in the Mountains but I think that you gotta put the line somewhere! I don’t think I can afford anymore crazy adventures but I’m sure I’ll have some free ones!

This week I started my internship at The Iconic ( It is my dream internship. It is a start up online fashion retailer. The first few days were bumpy — but I expected that. Friday was amazing. We got to write actual content that is now on the website. Check out this dress: I wrote the little blurb next to it. More fun and exciting then it looks. I was going to switch into buying/marketing but I’m going to spend some more time in Content for another couple of weeks.

On Friday around 5 o’clock, the Iconic order tubs of beer and wine and everyone had some drinks right at the office. It is just so nice to be in a laid back company that truly reflects Aussie culture. After some ciders at the office we all went down the street to a cute rooftop bar. It was nice to bond with some coworkers out of the hectic office and get to know some people. Aussie culture truly is better in the sense that you can go have a beer with your boss, you are actually friends. It is such a different experience then the ones I have had in the past in America.

Yesterday was St Patricks Day and for the first time I could go to a bar! It was so fun and we met many many real Irishmen. Did you know that Irishmen are seriously so so so nice? It could be because they were tanked but they were so nice, cordial, and gave us many compliments. It was really fun, a good night out, and then of course, ended it with a taxi ride singing out the windows and Mackas!

Next week I’ll have class Monday and then internship Tues-Friday. It is going to be hectic but I love being busy it makes everything so much fun! The sad thing is do I really only have 5 weeks left!?

So on that note…why in the title is there temptation? Sydney has been giving me temptation for a while to stay for May-August…I just can’t decide. There are days when I’m like absolutely not I will not stay here I miss New Jersey and home. There are days I think I’m never going to leave. There are times like last night when I listen to the Dropkick Murphys and have to return home for Boston summer…I just can’t decide. I know I can make anyplace work and it would be awesome to stay longer…but will I be lonely? will I get more homesick? Who knows! Only time can tell I guess..



One thought on “The Iconic, Real Irishmen, and Temptation

  1. That sounds like you want to expand your experience which you seem enjoy tremendously. I guess you made a great selection for your “semester abroad.” England is nice, but much more “square”, constrained, in other words, ” Proper English-like”

    I wrote to you an e-mail too; take a look at it and let me know what you think.

    BTW I read an article recently about another Jewish store (bakery and chocolatier) in Melbourne. t appears that there are more Jewish communities in Melbourne, as compare to Sidney.


    Posted by GMJ | 03/19/2012, 5:16 am

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