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Drop Beats Not Bears (& Mel-bin!)

I’m a competitive person. It’s true. I have this urge always inside of me to win win win win. It might have come from being a competitive dancer at In the Spotlight and being part of the best. No matter what anyone says, it does feel damn good to be the best. Thus, when my team and I won the Drop Bear Cup I was ecstatic. We worked way too hard and got 13,300 points about 2,000 points higher than second place. Casual. But we won, which was what we all wanted!! Now we get a free dinner out and a prize package. And for the next couple days, all I’m going to say is…”guys, we won”.

Besides the fact that we won, I found the last week kind of hard. I know, right, in Melbourne, sunny and 80 and I find life hard for the first time in Australia. #CASUAL. I think what hits me the hardest was I just gotten used to ‘home’ as the building on regent street. All of a sudden it was a hotel — don’t get me wrong, this hotel was gorgeous — but it was like all of a sudden I realized, I’m not home at all.

I really like this picture from Melbourne though…

So we arrived on Sunday morning after the quickest flight of my life — basically it was like, okay plug in your headphones, okay we are landing…initially I was homesick and a little sad. I missed my home friends and not having internet to talk to them was upsetting which is WEIRD because I hardly talk to anyone from home because I love Sydney so much. I make no sense, I know.

View from the terrace!

I was a bit sad, I bit lonely, and I bit tired. So of course I tried to go out and have fun but quickly realized, I needed to be in bed. After a yummy dinner at Spaghetti Tree, a three mile walk, a cider with Sydney (the person), it was time to sleep. The next day was Jewish Melbourne, my favorite day of the program.

The Jew Crew and I went to the Jewish museum which I wish I could show you but sadly, we weren’t allowed to take pictures. It was gorgeous and it was really cool to connect with some of my history and culture that I hadn’t in a really really long time. As the tour guide said, “Jewish is not a religion, it is a community” and I truly feel that way. After our tour guide ditched us the JC decided to go find kosher and deli food. Through the pouring rain and sun we hiked to the kosher restaurant where I had my first bagel with tuna and a pickle and Jacob had his first meat of Australia. Afterwords, we went and got the best dessert. St Kilda’s bay was nearby so we trammed it and ran on the sand.

It was a great day and as Stacy said, we really felt reJEWvinated. We did feel connected in a truly weird but great way. The rest of Melbourne was fun but I don’t want to bore you with too many words. We celebrated Kelseys 21st, went to a rooftop bar, ate at two awesome restaurants (Trotters of Lygon and Naked of Satan). I also spent one day reading in the park and doing my own little walking tour of the Fitzroy Gardens and shopping. On trips like such I do need to make sure I get time alone. I love  being social but I also really enjoy taking the time to go be by myself for a little and do really enjoy that.

We got back two days ago and now today I leave for surf camp! It is going to be a busy two weeks. As soon as we get back from surf camp it is finals and papers and then it is Cairns and beach!! Then I start my internship at the Iconic (go visit: and buy some clothes! 🙂

Cheers mate!


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