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School or Beach: A Sydney Dilemma

I just woke up from a slightly disturbing dream — I had received 3 Ds in all my classes. There was even a frown on Student Link. This might have to do with the overwhelming feeling that I am in fact, on vacation and that it isn’t January and 85 degrees but June and summertime.

It's so hard when I spend my weekends in paradise! (Manly Beach)

This weekend I went to the Zoo on an island and then the next day took another ferry to Manly Beach where I tanned, swam in the waves, and all around had an amazing time.

All my friends!

Ever since the rain has stopped and the sun has come out it has been impossible to concentrate. How am I supposed to write a paper when there is fun to be had!

....and elephants to be seen!

So I’ve been trying to have a schedule. In school we always do but here is harder to have a routine. Yesterday I went to the gym, did homework, laundry, and had class. I think I’m going to designate M, T, W as the main days to get the reading done for class as I don’t have class Friday and will pretty much always be an adventure day! This Friday I want to do a hike from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach.

—- Next Day —

It is a rainy Wednesday here in Sydney and I just got home from the gym. Yesterday after my blog post was hard – I went to the wine class and we had a tasting. For some reason afterwords I was in a horrible mood, even while signing the papers for my spring break (!!). I just for the first time missed my family and my close friends in Boston. I think it is relatively good that this was the first time after 2 weeks that I truly felt homesick, but it still felt horrible.

After a longer nap and some alone time, I went to embrace my new friends (not really, only sometimes) and continue to be strong and happy on this new continent.

I’ve been having sad dreams though, last night I dreamt the Giants lost to the Patriots. It was such a nightmare. I am really excited for the Super Bowl!! Hopefully we can celebrate a BIG BLUE WIN.


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