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Surf Camp i.e. The Best Time Of My Life

It is impossible to find words to describe how awesome Surf Camp was. I feel in love with the mentality, the lack of showering, and the ocean water. They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Here are just a few thousand…. Next week I’m off to Cairns and I’m sure I’ll have a ton … Continue reading

Drop Beats Not Bears (& Mel-bin!)

I’m a competitive person. It’s true. I have this urge always inside of me to win win win win. It might have come from being a competitive dancer at In the Spotlight and being part of the best. No matter what anyone says, it does feel damn good to be the best. Thus, when my … Continue reading

Beaches, Bars, and Wine, Oh my!

I’m on the bus from Hunter Valley enjoying the sounds of Taking Back Sunday and Four Year Strong, writing poetry, and trying to work on my essay due Friday. I just had yet another amazing weekend in Australia. Lets go back – to Thursday. Thursday I only had class from 5:30-8 which is a great … Continue reading

The Sniffles

After braving the beach twice this weekend and going out on Saturday night I’ve finally succumb to the fact that yes, I am sick. My nose is stuffed, my head is heavy, and I’ve got the cough of a women who has smoked two packs a day. I regularly lose my voice and end up … Continue reading

Spring Break Adventure

Fly to Cairns! An all around touristy place right by the Great Barrier Reef with tons of fun activities and adventures to be had! (CHEESY LIFE) First, we are going XTREME whitewater rafting!  We are going snorkeling in three different places in the Great Barrier Reef… Then we are spending 2 days and 1 night … Continue reading