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Wait, it’s only been 9 days?

It is hard to imagine that I haven’t been in Sydney for at least a month. Everyday is a new exciting adventure and whether we go out to the clubs or spend the night laughing in a dorm room we learn something new.

This week has been incredible. On Monday we had our first wine class. I enjoyed it but  a four hour class on a Monday night can be slightly excruciating. As many of you know, I conk out around 10, so it is a new experience! Even though I can’t remember, Monday night was a relaxing night in – we had class the next morning at 9:30.

To show us how much we have learned the wine class went on a field trip to three liquor stores close by. Already I can see that I can distinguish different Australian areas and can tell what is good and what is a bad buy. We also bought bottles to taste for class! I got a Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot from my region Coonawarra! I can’t wait to try them all…even though at night I drink out of my “cask” wine (known in America has lovely boxed wine) it is even cheaper here! Very exciting.

Tuesday night we had our first class with Marc which was interesting! I’m excited to learn Australian history especially about the Aborigines. It’s crazy that there is still political turmoil between the “invaders” and “inhabiters”.

Although it was a Tuesday night, Katie, Kayl, Lizzie and I went to karaoke and 90s night at World Bar. We ended up having a great time drinking teapots! They are drinks in teapots that are meant for around 2 people. We met some lovely people from Colorado and chanted USA, participated in a silent disco, and Kayl and I sang Blink 182’s All the Small Things. We also met a skate team that is traveling with Tony Hawk and as a great Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 3 player….I was excited.

Wednesday we had field trips around Australia but sadly, the weather has been crappy and half of it got cancelled because of the rain! It was still fun to see some of the buildings built by the English convicts. After that I relaxed, took a much needed nap, and planned my night as it was Australia Day Eve. Any excuse to go out!

Shanker, Stacie, Linda, Molly, Hillary, and pre-gamed and went to “The Arygle”.

It was gorgeous and I had a glass of “sparkling wine” and talked to some locals. I ended up at The Ivy and seeing Laidback Luke! It was a very exciting and fun night.

Thursday was Australia Day so I donned my new Australia shirt and went out to lunch by the harbor and Paddy’s market. I had had a long night so afterwords I went to hang out in my friends room and just relaxed all night after a very intense debate (rock, paper, scissors) deciding if we should go out again….we didn’t — although I wanted to I’m so glad we didn’t. This morning I woke up early did laundry, signed up and went to the gym, went supermarket shopping and now I’m going to catch up on some school work! A perfect day to start a perfect night!

Skyping is a little shaky but the Facebook Skype works well and I’ve stayed in touch with my friends and family back home! Today I skyped with family, Suze ,and Angela which was really nice.

As you can see, we are always so busy. Today I’m going to catch up and stuff but tomorrow I’m going to the zoo with my floor! Hopefully its nice weather and I can grab Denver a “jeffery”! (Koala bear he’s already named)

P.S. Ellen also found us an apartment on Price Road! Very excited to live with the be sties. ❤


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