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Loving Sydney

I’m sorry I’m not updating with pictures as much as I would like but there are no words for how much I love Sydney and all the people on this trip!

First bar we went to was Sidebar, abet, a little like a frat basement and not so many Australians it was a great time to drink and dance all together!

Yesterday we went on a beautiful boat into the Sydney Harbor. The views were beautiful. It was the first time I think a lot of us felt like we were actually in Sydney. The past couple days have been meetings and buying groceries and basics and it’s felt a little bit like Miami with a little New York but with different brands and higher prices. 

I didn’t move from my seat on the deck, first off, my feet were burning, and secondly, the views were magnificent. I didn’t want to miss a THING.

And then we went to this cool bar called “Cargo Bar” and had some more fun! Because our dinners are scheduled so early, we started drinking at around 5:30 — so by 10:30 and when all the bars were $25 or a walk away we decided to head on home. I’m starting to love my room and my bed and after too many hours walking in heels it was SO nice to lay down and just watch some HIMYM.

Today we are going to do an all day scavenger hunt! I’m really excited because we will get to know the city, I’m extremely competitive, and we end at Bondi Beach — I love the beach. No matter what — I’m going swimming.

I’ll update more regularly when school begins! My first class is Australian Wine!!


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