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Nervous anticipation….

Ten days till Sydney. I can’t even contemplate that in ten days I will be not here but in Australia.

Dirty street in New York City (even tho NYC is my one true love)

Beautiful, beautiful Sydney Australia

But…in beautiful Sydney, Australia? I’m extremely nervous. Lets narrow the nervousness down to three key points:

1) There are people I know going – but there are also a ton of people I don’t know going. It’s simple. No matter how outgoing you are when you are going from being in Boston surrounded by people who know who you are, what you like, and what annoys you – life is easier. This experience with people is going to be like entering freshman year again. And, I didn’t die freshman year and made friends, so I think I’ll survive. Doesn’t mean the butterflies are going to go away that is for sure – I’m always nervous that people won’t like me or ignore me (lingering middle school emotions).

But as a friend, Gabie Kur, said ” Everyone is in the same boat – we are being thrown into a different culture far away from our comfort zone. We are going to look for a new comfort zone and the people in our program can help provide that. Besides, it might even be a good opportunity for some to expand their friend group and meet people that they can form lifelong friendships with they may never have had the chance to do otherwise”.

2) I’m getting on a 15 hour flight with 2 suitcases and going to a foreign country.

Thankfully, Sydney is quoted as being ” ranked 10th in the world out of the 221 cities reviewed in the 2010 Worldwide Quality of Living Index compiled by Mercer Human Resource Consulting”. Plus, it’ll be 95 degree weather and I’ll be able to enter clubs and bars no hassle.

3) Depleted phone/internet/TV usage.

As bratty as this sounds, I’m pretty attached to the internet and my phone. It is a distraction and also entertainment. BUT It is going to be nice to explore and separate from a computer as I’ve spent most of my desk sitting at a cubicle staring into flat screen abyss.

I’m excited to explore, I’m excited to meet so many new people from BU and Australia. I’m excited to party and have fun, to learn new things and be a part of something great. Many, many, many, many prior study abroad students from Australia have raved about the experience. So I’m going to be nervous and I’m not going to sleep the night before I leave but I’m going to be okay and have an amazing time.


One thought on “Nervous anticipation….

  1. But seriously…what am I going to do without my iphone?

    Posted by Meagan | 01/06/2012, 5:57 pm

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