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Shopaholic Packing Problems, Take 1

Today I started packing for my trip. While most people won’t start packing till a few days before we leave, I need about 2 weeks to seriously figure out how to bring my insanely overpacked closet. Some say I have a problem (my mom), some say I am a horder (Meg), and some just say I like to shop. Nevertheless,  I completely identify with the main character in the movie & books, Shopaholic. The high sliding the credit card, feeling new clothes beneath your fingers, that whole bit: it’s true, I feel it.

Tank Tops

On my teen tour I realized rolling clothes is the easiest way to fit everything you want!

But I’ve now accumulate so many clothes that my smaller room at home is bursting at the seams. I first started by rolling all my tank tops. The weather is going to be summer when I arrive in Sydney so I figure the best clothes will be shorts, bathing suits, tanks, and dresses. While I want to be a fashionista and all cute, I want to also stay cool. I don’t enjoy sweating at all. I abhor sweating with a large passion. The only place sweating is acceptable is in the gym or at the beach. The End. I love having so many different colored tank tops but really focused on eliminating black from my wardrobe. Black is not for sun nor a great tan – both of which will be in Australia.

So many dresses in so many styles...

Then, I picked out what dresses I wanted to bring. I’ve always though that my dress collection was lacking. I realized I had been thinking that for far too long and had acquired a large pile of multi colored dresses…  I’m the proud owner of two skin tight American Apparel dresses that are only worn out after many compliments are given – printed dresses with low v-necks and cover ups from F21, lots of hipster dresses from Urban Outfitters and the occasional more expensive dress from my favorite, Anthropologie. I folded these dresses up more carefully into my large suitcase.

What I did realize from packing is that I’m glad that I have a ton of clothes … although they might not be the most expensive clothes in the world. Many people say buy quality not quantity. As a college student, I say buy quantity. Your going to be moving, studying abroad, every couple of months or every year. Not worth the hassle of dry cleaning either!

Add dresses into the suitcase nicely 🙂

I do love summer clothes!

After adding shorts and dresses I came to the realization that I will be taking two large suitcases and a backpack carry on. There is no way I can fit that much more into that suitcase, like sweatpants and sweatshirts – enough for me to be happy. So I added my summer shoes and called it a day! Time for lunch now anyway 🙂 Packing will recommence after this shortened (but still really long) work week!


One thought on “Shopaholic Packing Problems, Take 1

  1. Why uncategorized? How about: long trips; or confused Fashionista; or budding Fashionista,….

    Don’t you want to know about my experience in packing for a long trip? How about Fashions through generations? I am sure you know that everything follows a circle; meaning, at one point fashions of the 70’s or 80’s are coming back. In fact they are here already. You want to see my wide-legged pants of the 70’s? Or the sparkled tops for the evening?

    Posted by Jayne Georgette | 01/17/2012, 1:10 am

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