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Wait, it’s only been 9 days?

It is hard to imagine that I haven’t been in Sydney for at least a month. Everyday is a new exciting adventure and whether we go out to the clubs or spend the night laughing in a dorm room we learn something new. This week has been incredible. On Monday we had our first wine … Continue reading

Loving Sydney

I’m sorry I’m not updating with pictures as much as I would like but there are no words for how much I love Sydney and all the people on this trip! First bar we went to was Sidebar, abet, a little like a frat basement and not so many Australians it was a great time … Continue reading


It has been the longest three days of my life but I’m in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA. All though, I do have to say — it doesn’t really feel like Sydney. I have yet to see the opera house or the water but I have been bored to tears in many a orientation lecture and I have … Continue reading

A Few Days in LA

BEFORE THIS POST: I made a fun email to stay in touch with people: because snail mail will be way too slow and I like the idea of having pen pals (I’m 5). Write me letters, send me pictures, whatever you want! 🙂 …and keep reading this blog! The truth is, as I was waving … Continue reading

Nervous anticipation….

Ten days till Sydney. I can’t even contemplate that in ten days I will be not here but in Australia. But…in beautiful Sydney, Australia? I’m extremely nervous. Lets narrow the nervousness down to three key points: 1) There are people I know going – but there are also a ton of people I don’t know … Continue reading