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2011: A Look at the Past Year

2011 the year of social media. A look through my “mobile uploads” and “tagged photos” on Facebook will only give you a slight glimpse in the crazy year that I’ve had.

You won’t see the insane amount of studying time I spent at Mugar or a video of 12 girls trying to learn to shuffle from LMFAO in my living room or sharing many Sunday nights at MIXX. But you will see some great things….

 Such as these: The best nachos in AmericaYes, the first picture being featured is the ILLUSTRIOUS, DELICIOUS SUNSET GRILL & TAP NACHOS. But it’s not about the actual nachos – although I do encourage anyone and everyone in Allston to go get some, now (even at 10am). It is the bonds I made with the people that I ate nachos with. One of these girls, her name is Meagan.

Meagan and I Meagan, this summer and semester, has become one of my closest friends. From noming these nachos on a weekly basis, to calming down during many of a freakout, to planning Blair like revenge, to singing “Give In To Me” from Country Strong, watching many a movie, and everything in between she’s become someone I can truly trust. And while, she’s going to be so embarrassed about this, I hope she realizes how awesome she is. Did I mention she’s from Colorado. Yes, my second favorite place in the world. Now I have a a home in Colorado!!

A world apart, her in London, me in Australia will be difficult but after the cries, yells, and used razors this semester – I know we’ll make it through.

There is a couple more awesome people – one of them, I call her Ellen (or ERREN).  ERRREN

Although I didn’t see Ellen half as much as I would have wanted to, I’ve fallen in love. One of the best days of 2011 was a day spent with her.

We took a train to this beautiful place, the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Go check it out. Really.

We spent the day walking around this lake, reading books, painting pictures and then had a wonderful walk through Brookline. I bought Phil, my lunch box, and went to Trader Joes. Magic.

This best part of this year was definitely the summer. From my best friend in the world, Cortney Baviello coming up for my birthday. & another weekend.. Farrington having a rager, going out to dinner at Tico and celebrating with my best friends, my birthday was amazing. And my internships, my best friends, my apartment. I could go on and on.

I’ll always  be a kid at heart – look at the cupcakes I got for my birthday!!


How could I forget the best moment of my life? Harry. Potter. At. Midnight. Cried like a baby, ate too much popcorn, and then cried again.


Last but not least is my family. They are the best people in my life. There are no words just tons of pictures… SisterImage


Your family are the best people in your life, don’t forget it. 

I’d say I had an amazing year and I’d like to thank every single person who was in it from my CORE team, to my staff who helped me at all the internships, to my co-workers at Mittis, to my multiple roommates, to my former sorority sisters in Ophia and many different people who came in and out of my life. One blog post doesn’t even begin to cover the year I had – I love you all.

Resolutions coming up this weekend! & January 14th I leave for two days in LA and then Sydney!!


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