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The Last Month

I can’t even begin to describe this last month but I think it might be easier to bullet point.  1) I made a spreadsheet of awesome bars and pubs and clubs and almost made it to every single one. I think by the end of this trip I will have gone to around 50 places.  … Continue reading

Who is Cassandra?

TO EMAIL:, no really, email me.

A rising junior at Boston University enrolled in the School of Management Cassandra has a spelling problem, is obsessed with cowboy boots and the south, and loves to dream of shopping in Bergdorfs.

Cassandra hasn't found her style niche yet, either because the lack of funds and her eclectic wardrobe. One day you could pass Cassandra wearing all black and the next she'd be wearing boat shoes.

In her closet, the D&G rests next to the H&M and the Forever 21 shirts are folded next to the LF crop tops. Cassandra doesn't discriminate, but prefers to shop everywhere and anywhere.

Her favorite item right now: her new Frye boots - a little bit Cowboy and just enough style.

Now she's going on an adventure of a lifetime to Sydney Australia for a semester.. follow her daily blogs right here!